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I am still in the process of building my blog, so I won't have a big variety of topics anytime soon. But I will have them hopefully one day. For now enjoy my book reviews. 

Regarding book reviews, I do mention before hand if they contain spoilers; and if I do give out a little information it wont kill the story for you -I promise.

I try my best to give a general idea of the book rather than going through details and discussing the story. There are so many blogs out there that can help in that matter , I like to help decide in a much simpler way.


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January 18, 2018


Because I have experienced unfortunate situations with black, and it is just from my personal point of view, which does not voice others who wear the same clothes that I wear –abaya. I am thinking that I should steer the direction of my project. Create a fictionalized civilization that is based on my experiences. By that, I could create things that looks ancient in style but representing my story through art.


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Questions Upon Questions | AKA more research

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Just a few more questions to help me with my research about black

The origins of Black findings (THINGS/LIVINIGS/Concepts):

- Black eyeliner. How it was made back then? ‘Why was it uses? Protection’, how did black liners changed from protection to beauty? Interpretation of black liners? When did we first s...

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Online Venting/ Diary

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Progress report:

I have done so much reading, and I feel it is still not enough to piece my research together. In fact, it’s actually making me go further and further to different subjects and directions. My questions keep piling on. I am going in so deep that it’s getting on my nerves. I am getting frustrated and anxious, the more my mind gets scattered. My research keeps heading to philosophy and psychology, which ...

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Mix media | Title: Art and Colours

Description: When colour has a soul, how would it look like? How is it defined?

I used polymer clay and acrylic paint to convey my vision.


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Everyone has an opinion about anything. But to have an ineffable feeling while expressing that opinion is something that can be called “Qualia”. -at least that is my understanding of it for now.

My research of the term qualia is very hazy and obscure, probably because it’s like a ghost term that has not yet been 100% validated. I found different definitions for it. But why I chose to consider the term is because of the...

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This is more like a Struggling Niqabi Diaries!

Anyways, I kept forgetting to point out the most important thing I have noticed at the beginning of my research, is the relationship between Niqab and colours.

Traditional Niqab colour and other face covers is ‘Black’. For as long as I can remember the reason I wore colored Niqab was because I wanted to blend in with pedestrians in f...

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November 18. 2017

Today I fully realized why I am still wearing the niqab (Face Cover) I Began wearing it my senior year (21 years old) for a religious purpose. I believe that being covered includes not only dressing modestly and covering your hair, but as well as your face, because it can attract attention. Whether you really believe you have an attractive face or not. I believed wearing it is an essential part of the whole meaning of covering.

I felt so much comfortable tha...

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