Card Making 101

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Hello lovely people,

If you came here wanting to know how to make a greeting card from scratch then you are lucky because I have a very simple crafting tutorial ready for you. Consider it your little “Handmade Card” manual. I will be covering the basics of card making so you could creatively come up with your own special, cool and unique ideas.

Once you know the basics you can create so many cards based on your own designs or inspirations. So let us start with some foundation (The Size). Major Foundation.

First you have to determine what size you desire your card to be in order to have it fit in your ready-made envelope or for whatever reason you needed a specific size. Once you have your measurements ready and cut accordingly, then you have created the foundation that is called “The Card Base”.

After you have your Card Base ready, you can start with the designing process. And after that your card is ready to be given.


Now in more detail what do we need and how to do it?

1. You need cardstock papers. They are heavyweight papers that are perfect for your base card. Choose whatever color you desire and set it aside. There a lot of brands to choose from and the link bellow will direct you to one of my favorite sites.

2. Designing: Stamping, drawing, lettering or even papers with ready designs will shape you card.

All tools can be found in you nearest art supply store, and the link bellow is a web store where I like to buy my inspirations:

You will do whatever you desire design-wise on another paper that will be cut smaller than your base card –or the exact size however you see fit-; because you're going to stick that design on the front of your base card.

And once that is done. Your card is ready.

Down bellow you will see my quick attempt in card-making covering the basics:


I chose a paper with a floral design. You can alter this step by drawing your own design. 

Because the size of this paper is perfect. I can get away with two different ways in making this card.

I could fold it in half and have my card base ready or just use a fraction of this paper and make it my design's focal point/base for the actual card base.

I folded this paper using a score board- you can do it the old traditional way by basically folding the paper in half without the use of a score board.

My card is ready. Again, I can use this as it is for a card base or continue ahead cutting in the exact size that I want it to be and add some more design to it. 

I Chose another paper that complements my first paper.

I've cut a strip of the second paper and used a double sided tape to stick it on the first paper. 

To give the design its final touch. I chose stamping technique. I selected a sentiment and a banner to compliment the design

After cutting the banner, I went around the edges with a black marker to smooth the look of its edges. You can skip this step if you decided to give your design a little margin.

For a little extra touch. I decided to give the banner a little lift. I used a foam double sided tape.

And now the card is almost ready. Again, at this point I can get away with the card as it is but I rarely do so unless I am in a hurry. So I am going to cut this in half and stick it on a white card base.

I chose the size of the card base to be a little bigger than the designed card.

And you can see the base of the bard looks like a border as well.

Finished Card.


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