Posted by S.N on December 9, 2017 at 2:30 PM

This is more like a Struggling Niqabi Diaries!

Anyways, I kept forgetting to point out the most important thing I have noticed at the beginning of my research, is the relationship between Niqab and colours.

Traditional Niqab colour and other face covers is ‘Black’. For as long as I can remember the reason I wore colored Niqab was because I wanted to blend in with pedestrians in foreign countries. Basically I was using colours to camouflage myself and not draw attention from a mile away. Fast forwards 6 years later, before coming to Cardiff I was advised to wear only light colours like; white, cream, beige ..etc. and I was strictly told to avoid wearing black Niqab and dark clothes in general. At the time my concern was whether I should pull out my coloured Niqabs out of its designated travel box or take the bold route and just not wear it at all, which will save me lots of hate, weird and frightened looks.

While thinking of a subject word instead of the word “body” as our second exercise I can’t stop thinking about why I don’t have liberty (self-freedom) – coming to Cardiff not wearing the Niqab triggered me to think that way. I kept thinking I am not what I want to be in all kinds of situation. Thus, my mind kept saying; you are restricted. Immediately I thought of the word “liberty” and how it doesn’t actually exist. I was going for;

‘There is no such thing as liberty because we are all abiding some kind of rules and regulation, like country law, work, parents, society, school…etc’

I did all my research and went as far as explaining that even objects have no liberty. Like how objects change due to chemical and natural cycles. Example; the Statue of Liberty wasn’t always in that unique shade of green, but originally it was copper!


Further research led me to ‘Visual Culture’ and then to ‘Colours’. Those two key words hit me really hard. I felt I was close and just needed to connect the dots between the two and have that eureka moment. And I did have that moment when I was struggling with which head-cover (Hijab) I should wear that day and Immediately remembered my collection of colorful Niqab. They were not mere colours of fabric but some sort of social conception. Slowly I recalled every interaction I had that puzzled me, good and bad.

And it seemed like colours were the perfect subject to do a full research on, by looking at it with a different angle and taking a different approach. 

People from my home town, thought wearing dark colours were scary colours, and I didn’t really comprehend why, nor did I questioned it at the time. But now it did intrigue me. And because I questioned why society thought dark colours are scary colours, I was able to form or have a base to take the first clear direction in my research - why certain colours are not seen as colours by society, and that they are no longer seen as colorants but adjectives.


- Why is Black seen as a dangerous Colour?

- How do I see colours?

- What is the most questionable color?

- When is Black Okay?

- How much of black can you use?

- When is white not too white?

- What are societies understanding of colours?

How do I define Colour?

Colour is a body of shapes, lines and whatever means that defines matters.

More thoughts:

Basically colours can take the form of shapes but not vice versa. Colours are fillers.


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