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A Little Something About Me


This haven is going to be my garden of everything

Arts, crafts, beauty, books, manga, anime, calligraphy, lettering, design, organizing, decor, traveling, exploring and many more. I practice my hobbies very randomly, and I pick up new ones as I go along. I am not consistent, for I dabble with a lot of things while taking care of my responsibilities.

This blog was born on February 1st, 2016. I am still in the process of building it, taking my time to help this garden grow. 

I Love Almost Everything

Everything related to art is my domain. It does not necessarily mean that I master all types of art, but only that I have a strong passion for it. Therefore, I love makeup, painting, designing, packaging, crafting, organizing, collecting, decorating and many more.

Books are one of my old buddies, I used to hang out with them whenever I could. But these days they've been a constant companion. I love Young Adult fiction, they are fun, easy to relate to and creatively delicious for a pastime. PLUS, books inspire me to create new artwork.

So yeah I am the kind of person whom you can describe as Books Meet Art.

Basic Timeline

  • I remember loving art at the age 5, and I have been practicing so off and on since then. 
  • I got hooked on make up since 2010, watched many youtube videos and ended up being a make up addict till this day, but with a little more control thanks for my tendency to try out different things.
  • I loved reading since I was 8 years old, lived a major reading slump between the ages of 14 - 25 and then back again on full-reading-mode by September 2014.
  • By the end of 2015 I started taking a couple of Calligraphy classes. I hope to continue learning the world of lettering, for it is one of my dreams since I first wrote my name. NOT kidding!
  • My resolution for 2016 is to be a proper helpful blogger, because I tried it a few year ago and stopped abruptly for reasons I hope will never reoccur. 

Documenting and Sharing

I am the worst when it comes to documenting, but I love sharing. I like to share what I know and help others who don't believe in themselves.
This blog will help me start documenting bits and pieces of my journey through the world of art, books and beyond. And it will help me learn to love documenting. 

So I will be blogging whenever I can a cocktail of subjects to share with you all, please feel free to discuss and exchange thoughts. 




Determine never to be idle...

It is wonderful how much be done if we are always doing.

T. Jefferson


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